Fogging Sanitizing Machine For Home, Office, Car, use outdoor and indoor

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sanitizer machine, disinfection machine, fogger

Fumigation fogging machine

Disinfection Spray Fog
  • It have power protection switch when out of smoke oil, it can help to protect machine’s using life.
  • hermostatic smoke stage Fog Machine or Disinfection and Sterilization Fogging Machine.
  • Put the oil pump probe into the disinfectant (75% alcohal based sanitizer)

The fumigation fogging machine ( has wide applied fields and can be used for sanitation and prevention in hospital,clinics, restaurant, hotel and other public places. It is an ideal electric sprayer with reliable performance and convenient use.

Sanitizer Disinfection Machine Fogger

High efficiency electric sprayer perfect for Disinfection in hospitals, clinics,homes, etc.
  • Due to the pandemic, the need for sanitizing Home, Office, Car, Industries, Banks is of more concern.
  • Light weight and portable, easy to handle and use. Direction to use is given below in description of this product.
  • Fog Machine or Disinfection and Sterilization Fogging Machine. It can be used with stage smoke oil or with disinfectant.

Instructions for Use

disinfection machine

sanitizer disinfection spray

Operating step

  1. Put the oil pump probe into the disinfectant (75% alcohal based sanitizer).
  2. After turning on the power, press the switch button to the parallel position to warm up for 5 minutes.
  3. Turn the round nob to the right side to start the Sanitizer Fogging machine and time it.
  4. Turn off the machine after use and unplug the power.
  5. Finally press the middle O reset switch to return to the home position.
  6. Cleaning function: Put the probe in clean water, switch on I and turn on the cleaning function.

Technical Parameters

Product name: Portable Sanitizer Fogging

  • Machine Voltage : AC110-240V 50-60Hz
  • Power : 1290 W
  • Smoke Output : 18000cu.ft/mtr
  • Spray distance : 3-5m
  • Preheating time : 2min-5min
  • Capacity : 100ml
  • Usage : Disinfection, Purification of air, Decomposition of odor




  • Minimum Order Qty: 4 pcs
  • Country of Origin: China