Anti Rape Alarm Whistle

₹ 110.00

  • The Rape Whistle is a small handheld device which is capable of making noise of up to 120dB. The point of this is to make a scene and gather attention.
  • The On-button (at the front) triggers the siren which does not stop until the Off-button (at the back) is pressed.
  • It is a battery-operated device and in case the battery runs out, it also works as a fairly loud mechanical whistle equally well.
  • Ideal for protecting joggers, elder, disabled, night shift workers or people who live alone. Ideal use also for some emergency cases
  • Commodity Color Pink Package Include 1 x Rape Whistle She Is Against Rape Self Défense Batteries used: 3 pcs button cells
  • Minimum Order Qty: 30
  • Country of Origin: China