40 pc Multi purpose toolkit

₹ 200.00

One Solution For All Your Household Needs

This toolkit from the house of Socket comprises of 40 pieces of tool. It features all the essential tools as per routine household requirements. All the items are absolutely junk-free.

Power-packed Features to Your Delight

The toolkit set of 40 exhibits 100% water-proof property. All the components are manufactured from stainless steel. This attribute of the product makes it rust-proof.

Taking Durability to The Next Level

All the components that come in this toolkit are made from premium quality materials. This makes all the component last longer. It also enables them to retain their shape and properties over sustained period of time.

Efficiently Portable

The 40 pieces of daily usage tools come in a well-designed portable carry case. This case is designed in a way that allows you to effortlessly fit all the tools in a proper manner. This makes the toolkit extremely travel-friendly.

An Essential Kit to Have Around

This toolkit from Socket includes essentials tools like reversible ratchet handle, metric sockets, adaptor, Spark Plug Socket, ext. bar, Blow Case, Spinner Handle, etc. Everyone needs these tools at one point or the other.

Improve Your Home with Your Own Hands

Get out of the redundant cycle of calling in a technician every time you face a technical issue in your home. You can easily take care of it yourself if you have the right tools. Socket brings to you that freedom of choice with the 40 Pcs combination toolkit.

  • Minimum Order Qty: 20
  • Country of Origin: China